We, at AVARIA, are passionate about creating fine jewelry that reflects our values, our communities and our planet. We are committed to sustainability, which means being transparent about our impacts on the environment and the people in our ecosystem.

Thus, we select our materials with utmost care, delicacy, and importance. We opt for sustainable materials when possible, and ethically mined materials when necessary. We seek to support communities that rely on the industry. As we grow globally and reach more people, we aspire to make our supply chain as transparent and traceable as possible.

14K gold (pvd)

Our 14k Gold is very much, one of our most popular type of gold jewelry as it offers a good balance between quality, strength, and affordability. It is suitable for most types of jewelry and can withstand daily use.  

A long-lasting and valuable type of gold that resists scratches, tarnish and corrosion better than any ordinary gold plating. It is the ideal choice for jewelry that you want to cherish and admire.


Our 18k Gold flaunts a warm yellow color that is more evident and intense than that of 14k Gold. It is valued for its strength and relatively high gold content while still being practical for everyday wear.

Its resistant to scratches and wear than higher-karat gold alloys, but unlike the more durable 14k, its still bendable enough to work into intricate designs. Aside from day-to-day wear, we personally recommend them for engagements, wedding rings, and other special occasions. 


Our pieces feature pearls from oysters and freshwater mussels that we handpicked ethically with utmost care and delicacy.

Unlike most precious stones, pearls need gentle handling so remember to show them some love!

AAAAA Diamond Simulants

A man-made wonder that rivals the brilliance of natural diamonds. There is a common misconception that all diamond simulant stones are identical. However, similar to natural diamonds, there are varying quality levels of simulants, resulting in different price ranges. Cubic zirconia stones, for example, are graded based on carat weight, color, clarity, and cut, using a scale of A to AAAAA. The highest quality level, 5A, is often compared to flawless vvs simulated diamonds.

Our cubic zirconia stones come from our partners who share our passion for sustainability, and our environment.