Waterproof Jewelry

Avaria is dedicated to creating waterproof, recyclable jewelry that is both stylish and durable at an affordable price point. Find your go-to pieces for everyday wear among their selection of rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. The color won't fade away or tarnish and comes with a lifetime warranty.



      Jewelry That's ACTUALLY Waterproof!

      We firmly believe everyone deserves a sparkle that lasts an entire lifetime. And you're definitely no exception.

      With that, we're proud to present you with Jewelry that lasts forever without losing its shimmer! Beautiful pieces with lifelong durability made possible through a process called PVD.

      What Exactly Is PVD?

      PVD or Physical Vapor Deposition is a completely different coating process compared to traditional gold or silver plating which is bound to tarnish sooner or later. PVD-based ones remain to be the only exception.

      PVD is simply a fancy way of saying we coat metal with a super thin layer that doesn't fade, tarnish, or corrode.  So unlike ordinary pieces, you can wear your PVD jewelry anywhere and everywhere, and it will always look as good as new. Whether you sweat, shower, put on lotion, or spend time at the beach with it, your sparkle will never fade.

      Why Stainless Steel?

      Glad you asked! Stainless Steel remains to be the PERFECT component for jewelry. Here are some of the many reasons as to why!

      • For starters, Stainless steel jewelry is made of different things mixed together, like carbon, iron, and chromium. These components make a thin cover that keeps the jewelry from getting old and ugly.

      • Stainless is straight up, pretty durable and is hard to break.
        It's innately resistant to scratches and bends, and best of all, it flaunts superior resistance to discoloration and rust caused by water, sweat, or soap. It doesn’t need to be cleaned often like silver, gold, or platinum.

      • IT'S HYPOALLERGENIC! 🍑 Surely this alone can convince a large chunk of accessory-savvy individuals out there. Stainless steel doesn’t make your skin itch, or irritated compared to traditional counterparts such as gold, silver, and copper! 

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